Felix Baldacchino

Born in Luqa in 1956, son of Mr. Francis Xavier Baldacchino, has been involved with the production of fibreglass since his early teens, after he left secondary school.  Together with his father, the founder of Silvercraft, he has seen the company grow from its roots to what it is today.  He helped develop marketable products which helped the success of the company and is today the Managing Director of the Company.

Personal interest do not stray much far from his work environment and besides working with fibreglass through most of his life, Felix Baldacchino does engage himself in the production of fibreglass for leisure like for example the building of car bodies.

“Experience is the best teacher” (Benjamin Franklin) and its particularly true for Felix Baldacchino whose experience in fibreglass is a priceless asset for the success of Silvercraft Products Limited.

Angela Xerri

Born in Qormi in 1954, fifth daughter of Mr. Francis Xavier Baldacchino and Carmena Saliba.  She has been working with Silvercraft Products Limited since the tender age of 18 and together with Mr. Felix Baldacchino. She has been running the company, this time from the financial stand point.  Angela is responsible for most of the financial and marketing decision and is also the legal representative of the company.

Angela Xerri is greatly family oriented and whilst she will take decisions based on the greater good of the company’s survival in the market, she is greatly influenced by the opinions of her siblings whose opinion she respects.

She is bold and straight to the point and is a good advocate for women’s place in the business society where she has struggled to assert herself in a world mostly dominated by men.