Silvercraft Products Limited is a family business established in 1974

Mr. Baldacchino, a seasoned entrepreneur used to work in the sheet metal sector producing furniture and garage doors. In the mid 1960`s Mr. Baldacchino was exposed to fiberglass through a friend, which had brought him a sample of the material. Since then Mr. Baldacchino started experimenting with this new material as he already envisioned a new business opportunity.

By the late 1960`s Mr. Baldacchino quickly set up a team of three women, one of whom his own daughter, and started a small production which took the form of kitchen sinks. Understanding the versatility of the material production small boats was the next step. This move proved to be successful and it’s when Silvercraft Products Limited was formed. For many years Silvercraft was the leading boat manufacturer in Malta and a vast range of models where being produced including Speed Boats and Traditional Kajjaks. Coincidentally, it was also the origin of the name for the company as it was named after the very first 38 foot cabin cruiser Mr. Baldacchino produced.

Mr. Baldacchino, essentially an inventor and innovator by character, experimented with fiberglass to produce different products.  In 1979, Silvercraft ventured in its first export, to Saudi Arabia by producing a cable channel for the airport as a sub-contractor to Sinclair Associated of England.

Another major turning point for Silvercraft Products Ltd. was the collaboration with Polymetrics from USA as the company was entrusted with the installation of the National Reverse Osmosis Plants in 1979. 5 plants where build the majority of which are still in operation and serviced by Silvercraft Products Ltd. till today.

This led Silvercraft Products Limited to move away from the domestic sector and focus mainly on specialized industrial markets related to fiberglass production. The In-build filament winding machine served not only as the key equipment to build and service the RO Plants in Malta but made sure that Silvercraft remains a key player on the local market. Similarly on an international level Silvercraft was able to developing 2 filament winding machines that where build exported and commissioned in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Presently the company is once again diversifying its role as a custom build manufacturer where professionals within the construction sectors are being invited to learn and understand the versatility of the composite materials with the intention to implement within their projects. This does not only ensures that more cost effective and sustainable buildings are achieved but availing from the versatility of the material new concepts and designs can be creating thus pushing the boundaries of designs.