Diversification and Innovation Project by Silvercraft Products Ltd

Silvercraft Products Ltd has embarked on a new project which involves investing in a five axis CNC machine to modernize the pattern making department into a digitally based rather than a manually run department. The project also involves the upgrade of a filament winding machine in order to increase the width of products produced by company.

The company has obtained the approval from the relevant authority to extend its factory by approx. 80 sqm to transform the current pattern making department into a newly set up modern laboratory/research area.This area would be isolated from the rest of the factory in that it would not be contaminated by any production material, residue or dust emanating from the other manufacturing processes.  It will also house the computerised equipment which form part and parcel of the CNC machine and will provide ample working space for up to two people, including the to be recruited CNC operator.

Silvercraft Products Limited is furthermore interested in upgrading its filament winding machine which will be used to manufacture fibreglass cylinders starting from 100 mm to 3000 mm which are used in the production of pipelines, tubes and tanks mainly for export. This investment will include the upgrade, installation, delivery and installation of a complete control system for filament winding machine. The control system will include sufficiently equipment to control automatically an FRP filament-winding machine including two mandrel motor drives and car motor.  Apart from the control system the supplier would be expected to provide geared motors as well as rack and pinion drives to move carriage back and forth.

The above project which is estimated to cost around €235,000 is being co-financed by the European Union under the SME Diversification and Innovation Grant Scheme which falls under the European Development Regional Fund 2014-2020. This fund seeks to support enterprises when undertaking invesment projects aimed at securing sustainable business grwoth, by becoming more competitive, innovative and become more resilient to market challenges.





Composite Pipe Company - Past Project

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

GRP Pipes are Composite materials characterized by high strength, low-weight, high chemical resistance and easiness of manufacturing.

Based on these attributes, GRP pipes have gained great success in Petrochemical plants, Power and Desalination plants, Sanitary sewers, Water transportation and in-plant Piping systems for both Chemical and Sewer treatment plants. This success is based on their chemical resistance, high performance, easiness of manufacturing and installation, and low cost compared to stainless steel pipes or other pipes of inferior performance.

GRP pipes can be produced by both Continuous Filament Winding Process (CFW) and Fixed Mandrel process.

The CFW requires high capital investment, 6-7 MM USD and produces GRP pipes with high production rates per machine, mainly for low-pressure underground applications.

For high-pressure, above ground and special fittings, elbows, tees, wyes, the Fixed Mandrel production method, helical winding, is preferred since it has the following characteristics:

1. Low capital investment which can be accomplished in stages depending on the projects.

2. Produces GRP pipes with high Glass content and high strength, both axially and in circumference.

3. Allows production of short runs and quick change-over to other pipe diameters and Glasses.

4. Latest developments allow the use of 2/3 sand addition to increase pipe stiffness and reduce the cost.

Based on the above facts, Composite Pipe Company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, a leading company in installation and a GRP pipe manufacturer purchased two production lines and one preparation line from Silvercraft in 19 -  to produce the following GRP pipes and fittings:

a. GRP pipes for above and underground installation from 100 up to 3000 mm.

b. Fittings for these pipes, elbows, tees, wyes, flanges and double bell coupling for connecting the pipes use ReCa type system.

This plant is operational and has produced a lot of GRP pipes of very good quality and GRP tanks with diameters up to 4 meters and 20 m long.

Also, manholes, both structural and liners, are produced using the same equipment, and the production of GRP pipes with up to 40% sand for Sewer applications

is one of their products. The flexibility, which exists by pregelling the liner, allows the use of vinyl ester resin in the liner and both orthophthalic and isophthalic resinsin the structure.