Versatility is the Key

There are 3 main factors that determine the shape of a tank.

The Volume | The surface area available | The height available

Then there is the specific needs of the client.

  • Will it need to be a vertical or a horizontal tank?
  • What’s the material being stored? Chemical/food grade/potable water/waste water etc.
  • Will it be installed above ground or below ground?
  • If below ground will it be below water level?
  • Will it be pressurized?
  • What type of connections and their location?
  • Is the access from the top or the sides?



Thanks to our assembly system Silvercraft is able to produce an infinite variety of tanks in any shape and size. It all depends to the customer needs.

In any case we will custom build the tank for your needs

Diameters vary from 600mm up to 3000mm